Why Waxing Is Disrupting the Male Grooming Industry

30 July 2020

After working in-salon for a number of years, followed by her time with high-end skincare
brands Clarins and SK II, Lorraine Noonan has been a specialist wax trainer for Lycon UK since
2018. An absolute expert in her craft; there is not a question about waxing that she cannot
answer, or a hair she cannot remove!

In the past, waxing has been seen as more painful and time consuming than shaving – but this no longer needs to be the case. Lycon’s MANifico range has been designed to be a therapists’ go-to for all male waxing needs; virtually painfree, with a low-working temperature, flexibility and the strength to remove hair from the root, MANifico hot wax is perfect for facial, nasal and ear waxing. Male waxing is no longer limited to the traditional ‘back, sack and crack’ treatments (although these remain extremely popular), we have found that there is an increasing demand to provide complete male facial waxing, especially in the barbering industry.


How have your experiences working with high-end skincare brands affected your choice of techniques and waxing products for male clients now?

When working on a new client it is important to understand their skin; this will affect which aftercare products you choose to apply directly after treatment as well as the home-care advice that you recommend. With male clients in particular, I often find that their skin tends to be tougher and oily, which means than you will be looking to apply more gel-based, lighter products. I have always looked for products that work to protect and nourish my client’s skin – which is why working with a system that incorporates this philosophy at its core is so important. With Lycon, we always use a barrier oil before applying hot wax, which ensures that the wax only adheres to the hair rather than the skin.

Male hair is also generally much coarser, so your technique has to be really on-point to ensure that you are removing hairs from the root and not causing unnecessary discomfort. It pains me to see these viral videos online with men having their beards ripped off, screaming out in agony - because it’s completely avoidable! Strong application, good products and quick removal is all you need to completely revolutionise the treatments you are able to offer.

The importance of a thorough consultation and good communication with your clients cannot be underestimated. This is something that we have incorporated into our brand new Facial Waxing for Barbers course; our aim is to give you exceptional practical skills and effective advise which will boost your business and help bring in a new set of clients.


What are the benefits of waxing over more traditional barbering techniques?

The number one benefit of waxing over traditional shaving or clippers is that it lasts so much longer! We generally recommend that clients return every 4-6 weeks for appointments. Additionally, unlike shaving which removes the top layer of skin each time (which can cause irritation), using Lycon ensures that the skin is protected at all times - which is really important when working around the eyes and cheekbones. Also with waxing, you are removing the hair from the root each time which means that your clients will not experience itchy stubble as the hair grows back. With correct aftercare, this also reduces the likelihood of the follicle getting infected and ingrown hairs.

Specialist in-salon training with a Lycon expert is recommended and can be organised by speaking with a member of our team. We understand that every salon is different and so we will put together a bespoke package and lesson plan to ensure that we cover everything you’d like to learn!