Special Formula Hot Wax

Sensational and technologically unique hot waxes are used thinner than traditional hot waxes and are a must have in every salon. These low temperature waxes for the face and body are super pliable, super strong and virtually pain free! LYCOJET shrink wraps and removes hair as short as 1mm. These extra-gentle eliminate the need to tweeze and is excellent for sensitive areas including Brazilians!

High-tech formulas with new generation resins and Titanium Dioxide make LYCON film waxes super smooth, ultra-pliable and easily removed, without breaking or tearing! They glide on super thinly, making them efficient and extra economical for salons. Ideal for delicate areas including Brazilians!


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Eyebrow LycoJet

LYCOJET EyeBrow hot wax allows professionals to create perfectly defined and sculpted brows every timeā€¦total perfection at your fingertips!

LYCOdream Hybrid Wax

The world's first hybrid wax 500g

Lycojet Desert Rose Wax

Exotic red with calming Chamomile and Rose

Lycojet Lavender Wax

Majestic purple with soothing Lavender and Chamomile

LYCOtec White Hot Wax

High-tech, ultra flexible and strong

MANifico Men's Hot Wax

Especially for men!
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