Pre / Post Waxing Solutions

LYCON merges science and nature for the ultimate in top to toe professional waxing, with LYCON’s easy to use PrePost waxing lotions.

A must during all waxing, to cleanse, protect, calm, nurture and restore.

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Pre-Waxing Oil

Sooths the skin prior to waxing

Lycotane Skin Cleanser

With Jasmine and Chamomile

Tea-Tree Soothe

Post waxing soothing lotion

Soothing Cream

Post waxing re-hydration

Perfect Finish

With Lavender, Apricot and Sweet Almond

Tea-Tree Perfect

Removes sticky wax residue after strip waxing

Wax Solvent

Quickly dissolves all types of wax

Aloe Vera Gel

Freshly scented Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

Pre & Post Waxing Kit

Your essentials in a handy starter size

Pinkini Pre-Waxing Oil

With Bisabolol & Calendula

PINKINI Skin Cleanser

From LYCON'S brand new PINKINI range comes this light and refreshing skin cleanser.

PINKINI Finishing Lotion

Designed to calm, moisturise and protect the skin after waxing.

MANifico Skin Cleanser

MANifico Skin Cleanser. With Australian Sandalwood, Tazman Berry and Witch Hazel. 250ml

MANifico Double Action Oil

With Australian Sandalwood, Calendula and Bisabolol 250ml

Antibacterial Hand Gel (70% Alcohol) 500ml

With 70% Alcohol this fast drying Hand Gel from Frontline kills 99.9% of bacteria without water
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