Essential tips from LYCON as featured in Salon Magazine
Salon Magazine recommends using LYCON SPA Tea Tree Total wash "daily to prevent ingrown hairs, angry bumps and skin blemishes". Part of our spa range, this gentle wash employs 2% Tea-Tree Essential Oil, plus Lavender and Lemongrass to leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed.
LYCON SPA as featured in international women's magazine, Cosmo's "Health & Beauty Lust-Haves"! Although LYCON is widely known for our amazing hot waxes, our LYCON SPA range allows clients to extend, smooth and pamper beyond their LYCON treatments. We often say that prevention is the best way around ingrown hairs and irritation - and our products help you do this!
Our lovely Tahitian Tan Mist (from the South Seas range) got some great coverage in The Sun. "BEST TAN: Don't burn, fake it! Spritz Tahitian Tan Mist lightly over your fully made-up face for the ultimate natural golden brown and to set your make-up for the day. Love this multi-tasking product. It's £20 from"
SOUTH SEAS Tahitian Tan Mist is a fast-drying tan in a spray mist formula, creating a golden brown tan. This product was featured in a Guild News piece about fake tan formulas. Not only does the Tahitian Tan come in a retail home application form, but also as a professional product. The tan has been scientifically developed to  be a non-greasy and easy to apply with even results, promising to look real. Tahitian Tan Mist has also recently been put to the test in The Daily Telegraph, where it was awarded a 9/10 by experts.
"The ultimate pick-me-up comes by way of LA based South Seas whose products tan the limbs of anyone who’s anyone (and Paris Hilton). In the UK, STRIP boutique – the pseudo kinky waxing and lingerie chain that garners lingering looks from male passers-by – is offering South Seas tans at many of its branches around London, at Oxford Street’s Topshop and Harvey Nichols Bristol. It’s paraben-free, fast-drying and lasts a good five days before starting to mottle. The beauticians take care buffing you down before the tan and hose-drying you afterwards so there’s none of that lingering stickiness. " By Carrie Tyler
Highlighted as one of the Daily Telegraph's top 5 fake tan formulas on the market, Tahitian Tan mist is a wonderful, paraben-free tan in a can. Super easy to use and achieve an even look, "The spray was easy to use, the smell not unbearable, and it took about 10 minutes. It promises a sun-kissed glow that "looks so real it will be mistaken for a summer beach tan" - and it delivers. My tan is perfect colour and steak free"
With a circulation of over 525000, the Telegraph magazine published a small spotlight on LYCON hot wax
INGROWN X-it mention in the Evening standard magazine. "The Strip specialists know that aftercare is the enemy of the ingrown hair, so they trust a bottle of Ingrown X-it solution into my hands. A Spray-on exfoliant packed with salicylic acid and arnica, X-it decongests the freshly plucked skin and lets regrowth drift out of the follicle in a fluffu, laid-back kind of way. No more teary-eyed self-surgery. And with no less thing to have to resist there'll be more time to...well..embrace, I suppose. "    ~ Annabel Rivkin's Cabinet Of Wonders
Ingrown X-it solution by LYCON was featured in the SUN in their piece "Bollywood or Hollywood? Our guide to perfect wax" by Lauren Naylor. This insightful article highlights the trend of intimate waxing, bikini treatment styles and after-wax care advice.