In this exciting feature, our knowledgeable director Danielle Featherstone-Price explains the importance of training in waxing. Once thing we have found over the years is that although therapists are willing to invest time in learning new facial techniques, nail application processes and the latest innovation in beauty, they are less likely to feel the need to learn new waxing techniques.
Another mention for our amazing INGROWN X-IT SOLUTION! This wonder product is a natural decongestant - both excellent at preventing and getting rid of ingrown hairs by gently exfoliating the follicle from within. Not only is this product great for ingrown hairs, it is also a super effective treatment for acne/breakouts.
LYCONs Ingrown X-it was recently featured in leading celebrity and lifestyle weekly, Reveal Magazine. The magazine highlights the solution as a star product for "unclogging...brilliant for warding off ingrown hairs". This break through product exfoliates, decongests, soothes the skin and even works for regular breakouts.
Giving us an amazing 9/10, Mail Online put SOUTH SEAS Uh Oh! Fake Tan remover to the test. With natural enzymes and microdermabrasion crystals, this wonder product quickly corrects any fake tan mistakes - leaving you with a streak free sun kissed glow. With 13,949,793 unique browsers every single day, the Mail Online is the UKs most popular online news resource!
A piece about STRIP WAX BAR & current trends in waxing, with tips and tricks from Danielle & Maria-Louise (the founders). The Enquirer offers "exclusive up-to-the-second celebrity news, entertainment gossip & hottest Hollywood happenings anywhere as they happen" - this feature is a result of the celebrity clientele of STRIP WAX BARS.
Healthy is the UK's top-selling wellbeing magazine, and in May 2017, they featured LYCONS Ingrown X-it solution as their choice "product to treat in-grown hairs and prevent them from recurring". This multi-tasking wonder compound is made up of two parts, the acid (scary word we know - but in small concentrations it's totally harmless) component works hard to break down the bonds that keep dead cells together and clog up pores. Not only this, but the acid is actually able to penetrate right down to the pore lining, meaning that you are getting both a surface and deep pore exfoliation. It's safe to use on all skin types and has been proven to reduce redness, soothe stressed skin, as well as preventing and treating breakouts.
This article published in mens magazine 'The Gentleman's Journal' continues to shed a light on the emerging beauty market of male intimate waxing. The opportunity to capitalise on this shift in perception of male grooming is phenomenal! We now offer a fully accredited and industry recognised male waxing course.
As seen in Cruise International magazine, the UK’s highest-selling newsstand travel magazine dedicated to cruise holidays. This little mention puts a spotlight on our wonderful LYCON SPA range! This collection of products can be retailed for a healthy profit and can help your clients stay smooth for longer.
A feature on the increasing demand for male intimate waxing in the beauty industry. We offer a fantastic accredited BROZILLIAN waxing course to accommodate for this trend. These bespoke sessions are designed as a post-graduate course for qualified therapists (NVQ 2/3) looking to develop their waxing services for their male clientele. This training will cover male intimate waxing, general maintenance techniques (back, chest & abdomen) and male facial waxing.
As featured in Guild News, LYCON is a professional waxing system with a reputation for producing excellent waxing products. In this piece, the spotlight is put on LYCON - our history, products and tips!