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A collection of natural, technologically advanced, corrective skincare for home use, to take care of the body from head to toe in between salon treatments.

LYCONspa targets ingrown hairs, blemishes, retards hair growth, minimises dimpled orange peel looking skin, hydrates, protects against premature ageing, environmental damage and tans without sun exposure.

With LYCONspa the body can look healthier, firmer, less lined, smoother, softer, be less blemished and have a natural youthful glow and vitality.

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Pink Grapefruit Sugar Scrub 2.5kg

Invigorating Pink Grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit Sugar Scrub 520g

Invigorating Pink Grapefruit

PINKINI Intimate Wash

with skin brightening ingredients

Pinkini Lightening Serum

With Vitamin C Complex

Pinkini Moisturising Lotion

The beautifully crafted PINKINI Finishing Lotion is now available in a 50ml retail size as PINKINI Moisturising Lotion. This is a light and refreshing lotion, formulated with soothing Chamomile, Allantoin and Tazman Berry.

Pomegranate Hand & Body Lotion 250ml

Luxurious and seductive blend

Pomegranate Hand & Body Lotion 50ml

A luxurious and seductive blend of Pomegranate, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil

Pomegranate Sugar Scrub 100g

A luxurious spa-quality, oil-free sugar scrub for the entire body.

Pomegranate Sugar Scrub 520g

Seductive Pomegranate

Sea Foam Luxury Tanning Mousse

Transport yourself to the beaches of the South Seas islands with this Mango scented Sea Foam Tanning Mousse.

Sea Sponge Luxury Bronzing Mitt

Soft, silky and re-usable, the Sea Sponge Bronzing Mitt by South Seas ensures a streak free tan every time!

So Berry Lotion

Strawberry scented body, hand and foot lotion

So Berry Massage Oil

Strawberry scented multi purpose body oil,

So Yummy Double Action Oil

Soothes skin prior to SoYummy hot waxing

So Yummy Soothing Lotion

Chocolate scented body, hand and foot lotion
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