Lycon Spa

A collection of natural, technologically advanced, corrective skincare for home use, to take care of the body from head to toe in between salon treatments.

LYCONspa targets ingrown hairs, blemishes, retards hair growth, minimises dimpled orange peel looking skin, hydrates, protects against premature ageing, environmental damage and tans without sun exposure.

With LYCONspa the body can look healthier, firmer, less lined, smoother, softer, be less blemished and have a natural youthful glow and vitality.

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Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

with Hyaluronic Acid and Arnica

Anti Bump Foaming Gel

Minimises the appearance of ingrown hairs

Apple & Cranberry Hand & Body Lotion

Luxurious and refreshing blend

Apple and Cranberry Sugar Scrubs

Refreshing Apple & Cranberry

Body Exfoliant

A light and creamy body scrub

Coconut and Vanilla Hand & Body Lotion

Luxurious and Summery blend

Coconut and Vanilla Sugar Scrubs

Summery Coconut & Vanilla

Hair On Strike

Hair retardant with Papaya and Chaparral

Hand and Body Foaming Gel

Uplifting and hydrating cleansing gel

Ingrown X-it Cream

with Salicyclic Acid, Fruit Acids, Allantoin and Arnica A gentle and effective, scientifically developed formula for the face and body

Ingrown-x-it Solution

Spray formula for the face and body

Lavender and Chamomile Hand & Body Lotion

Luxurious and relaxing blend

Lavender and Chamomile Sugar Scrubs

Relaxing Lavender & Chamomile

Lycon Spa Soothing Cream 250ml

Moisturising body cream with extra conditioning

Lycon Spa Tea Tree Soothe

Easily absorbed non clogging body lotion in Tea Tree & Chamomile
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